Knowing your business is the key to your success.


Know your performance indicators

Choosing the right performance indicators (or management) is essential in a company.
Using lists of indicators to help you make your choice or using the same ones as your competitors will lead you to failure! Indicators should be directly related to your business strategy.

Know. Decide. Act offers an overview of performance indicators and best practices by business function or economic sector.

Our first fact sheets will be available free starting in late October 2015.

Decide on your action plans

After choosing the right indicators, it is important to have the right methods of calculation. In this regard, it’s advisable to refer to market practices.

We have gathered all the relevant information for each performance indicator in our files and booklets.

Properly defining the development cycle of your indicators, and their life cycle after initial preparation, will allow the best possible monitoring of your business or service strategy.



Act to succeed

Our fact sheets and booklets will provide you all the information necessary to collect, analyze and optimize your data.

You don’t have tools to present your performance indicators in your business context? We propose that you use our dashboard templates based on your industry (aviation transport, maritime transport, road transport, farming, restaurants, hotels, food industry, grocery …) and strategy (specialization, diversification, internationalization…).

The analytical result is usually dashboards which also complement the result.

Become proactive. It’s time to add analytics to your range of practices in business intelligence!

How we can help you


Our business intelligence specialists offer training on various topics, on your premises.


We also offer on-site business training workshops on topics specific to your company.

Online Experts

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Soon you’ll be able to download our first booklet on performance indicators and best practices.